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Our holistic approach to development: Hands-on training modeled after Jesus. 

When we look at the way Jesus trained his first disciples, we find a robust hands-on experiential approach in which the disciples were constantly exposed to his mission and leadership, while having their hearts transformed with gospel-centered theological content that Jesus spoke into everyday situations with them and others.  In some cases, Jesus gave his disciples opportunity to experience and practice what they learned and observed from him, and at times he sends them on specific missions.  In most cases, they followed him around, watched, observed and were exposed to his way of proclaiming the gospel and making disciples.  We primarily learn through practice, failure, repentance and obedience.  Jesus understood this well, and knew the best way to prepare his disciples for the work of multiplication was through everyday life situations with ordinary people.  We model our approach after Jesus in such a way that makes the experience of everyday life the most effective classroom.  Please see this PDF for how we work out this approach from a hands, heart, head perspective.